Our New Home

Handiware Featured Image

Today we are finally ready to launch our new home on the internet, Handiware.com.au. With the launch of the new web site we are aiming to provide users a more feature rich experience when visiting the site by offering online support, ability for users to sign up for getting access to the Handiware Beta Program and much more.

Our new home at www.handiware.com.au sees us growing out of our former WordPress hosted site which debuted with a blog and a sign-up page for users to register their interest to participate in our Beta Program. The new site extends on this by allowing Beta Testers to apply through the site and once accepted manage their account and access current Beta services and apps that are available – with more services and functionality planned for later release.

Users will also be able to utilise online support from us via a support page where we will list any known issues with current apps & services, all blog posts relating to support and users can create a support ticket to get help directly from us.

Scott Sheedy of Windows Phone Down Under says of the new site:

“Handiware, as our official App developer, has always delivered fantastic Microsoft platform Apps for our site. Now, with www.handiware.com.au they have delivered a feature-rich and great looking modern UI styled online home. We love it!”

So head on over to handiware.com.au now and let us know what you think.


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