Windows 8 Apps Coming Soon

Windows 8

We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on our first app for Windows 8 and that we are looking at porting some of our Windows Phone apps to the new OS as well.

We recently submitted our first app to an App Excellence Lab run by Microsoft Australia thanks to Nick Hodge, see the article he wrote here, and we got a lot of feedback which we are using to improve the app before we submit it when the Windows Store opens to developers.

Want to have a say in what app we should port from our current Windows Phone catalogue to Windows 8 first? Vote in the below poll.


Aussies, what country is your Live ID set to?

In preparation for the release of our next app for Windows Phone which  is aimed at Australian users, we would like to find out how many of our Aussie users have their Live ID accounts country set to the U.S. So please take the time to answer the survey below.